Trading Secrets

The Fall of Style
or more about acai and pomegranite

I have been designing and reading about design for twenty or more years. Though I am always trying to look forward or cultivate past design that should be updated, I recognize the mere "fashion of interiors". Rooms also suffer from cultural memes that distract from authentic style. How do these random fads get started? The original items are still beautiful, they have just been altered and diminished. 

More reason to say again, that it is your home and should reflect your storied lives...
...try to avoid the mistake of letting the Mall be your guide. 

Here are some of the guilty, overused ideas and objects to avoid.


1. Once natural Seashells glued to the top of a glass bottle.

2. Innocent Coral now appears on every napkin, pillow, stationery and wall print. oh dear.

3. Reproduced Ikat and Suzani prints sitting on a bench or couch void of any trip to Istanbul.

4. The most elegant of the orchid family,the swan-like White Orchids that have been so overused by real estate agents when staging, they can now be mistaken for plastic flowers.

5. Equally bothersome are the scent infused. Post Jo Malone I too am pre-selected for pample mousse, but when did fig and pomegranate get so popular? What is the meaning behind calling a scent or color a feeling? Soaps and sweaters now available in Tranquility or Beach. 

6. Violet has Rose flavors have been stylish in candies since Victorian times.Now we flavor instead Spice Jerky chocolate with notes of cayenne and basil.A "cuppa tea" now could be a cup of hibiscus water,with scented geranium. what is that?

7. I really object to national companies using other national companies advertising campaigns.Why would IBM need to borrow the "I am a Phoenix" slogan. "I am an IBM-er". The altered grammar and completely unmusical audio should have prevented any money on this and not creative team.

8. The twinkie formulas for the cocktail list is too sugary and child-like. A drink should still be "stiff" and have enough dignity to be for adults only . the Exception? The Mai Tai (what is not to like)? Common features  of mixology moderne: blueberry vodka, minty martinis and cranberry margaritas. Call me olde fashioned,but I still need my soda bitter with quinine and juniper berries. Gone are the tub filled parties of green Chartreuse. Sharp tongued,medicinal herbs- made by religious monks.Now that takes on the mental requirements to attack the malaise and heartache. 

9. Running short of time (so much complaining) but place high standards when selecting music.Suggestions until I can get back to you: Stravinsky,Mahalia Jackson,Anita O'day (specifically Bewitched,bothered and bewildered) and Lucia Popp singing Mozart Arias.