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The Silk Trading Co. owes its bespoke reputation to its initial design of textiles. When the company opened more than 18 years ago, it was a line of mostly silk textiles that launched  the luxury label. Since that time, our name has become synonymous for all fabrications and exclusive designs. Today the client can choose from silk, velvet, mohair, linen, cotton, wool, chenille, and shingu burlap.
Chenille Crewel Embroidery Silk Embroidery
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Como Silk Silk Toile Taffeta Silk
Exclusively designed is only available through The Silk Trading Co. Our lighter weight como silk, is available in over 100 colors with "moderate sheen." Purchase for drapery, bedding, pillows, accessories, furniture and fashion.
This is the silk found in French hotels and ballroom gowns. Indulge.
Silk Stripes Sheers Textured Silks + Eco Fabrics
Drusetta Stripe, Couture Collection
A personal favorite for The Silk Trading Co. design team. Especially signature for our draperies. Available in a variety of fabrications. Purchase for drapery, bedding, pillows, accessories.
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Silk Jacquards 100% Euro Linen Silk Velvet
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Exclusive silk jacquard patterns are designed on Swiss dormier machines. Each pattern coordinates with our solid fabrics and can be used to add direction and layers to your design. Purchase for drapery, bedding, accessories and fashion.
Our classic 100% Linen from Europe.
To be honest, silk rooms should accommodate linen. In fact, linen proves to be modestly elegant. Creased or crisp, this is an old friend. We offer a variety of solid, stripes and textures. Purchase for drapery, bedding, furniture, flower girl dresses, accessories and fashion.
Absolute luxury. Use regularly. Silk velvet is for formal occasions, but in truth it is hardy for furnishings and looks even better with wear. Our silk velvet is wonderfully priced when compared to other showrooms. Purchase for drapery, bedding, accessories and table tops.
The reason old movie theaters used mohair is because of it's durability and sophistication. A luxury fabric that is practical and long-wearing. In addition, our mohair is very well priced. Purchase for furniture.
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